Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Savannah came home from her playgroup yesterday and I greeted her, "Hi Savannah! How was playgroup?"

She sat down beside me and said, "It was fine, but there was a problem."

"Really? What happened?" I was curious.

She began, "Well, I started it," and then with some exasperation, "but NO ONE ended it!"

Can you believe it!? We might have to find a new playgroup.

p.s. I'm s.l.o.w.l.y. updating and catching up on my blog. I post additions with the actual dates of the events. (I have to since this is like a family journal.) I think I'm all caught up to March of '09. Sad.


~ kietra ~ said...

SO funny what kids come up with! I love how they think their conversations are so 'adult' sometimes!

Your sister looked absolutely radiant in the wedding shots! Love the picture of your family at the wedding, too- beautiful, Melissa!!!

Amy Savage said...

Ok....that's a good one. I might have to steal that from her sometime!

Lee and Marie said...

How cute :) Your kids are beautiful!

Rachel said...

:D I hate that! I totally understand her predicament.

What a funny girl.

Telitaadams said...

Hee, hee! What a handy phrase! Wish I would have thought of that!! Now it's going to pop into mind anytime I'm sitting through a really boring movie, or meeting, or whatever.
I know what you mean about updating your family journal, and what a good idea to put the actual date of the event.